cant get to emails or onto internet

So this is the fourth time this has happened to me...and i've only had my phone for two months. I woke up this morning and it said I didnt have any emails...which is weird. So I logged onto my actual Yahoo account from my computer and I had 25 new emails! So then I tried to get on the internet from my phone...and that wasn't working either.


Any Suggestions?? Becuase I am getting VERY frustrated that this has been happening so frequently. (I know there was one report of email outtages...but I haven't heard of any beyond that)

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Re: cant get to emails or onto internet
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Does your signal indicator say 1XEV? Or 1X? Or 1xev?


If it's not 1XEV exactly then you're not connected to your data services. You can try several things to get this connection restored.


First start by toggling your network connection. Find your Manage Connections icon and click on it. You'll see a checkbox for the Mobile Network. Uncheck it, let the indicator go RED and you'll lose your signal, turn it back on and let it restore to 1XEV and try again.


If that doesn't work try pulling your battery for 10 seconds, putting it back in and let the device reboot.


If it's still not running after that then you want to register your device on the network. Find your Options icon and click on it. Then go to Advanced Options > Host Routing Table and hit your menu button. Select "Register Now" from the menu.


Also, make sure your phone is programmed correctly by dialing *228 and selecting option number 1. Let the recording/music play and program your phone.


If it's STILL not working there's one more thing you can do; you can try resending your service books. Go to this site: and you should be able to log in with your username/password. Don't have one? Create one for steps like this.


If you're still having trouble, let us know more information about what kind of Blackberry you have and if you're getting any error messages when you're trying to browse the web.


Good luck.