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I have a BB storm. I down loaded music from this website and it shows in the media file as purchase but I can't download to phone. Costumer service said that I should get an email never got that also re purchased them and still have no clue. Does anyone know how to down load music from this website to ur phone.


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Re: down load music
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Do you know what format the music is? (mp3?) Make sure you have Mass Storage Mode "on" in your Storm. Do you have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on your computer? There suppose to be a disk that come with the Storm, you have to install this program before connecting Storm to your computer. In Blackberry Desktop Manager, there is another program called Roxio Media that can help copy music files to your Storm. I admit I copied mostly videos and pictures with Roxio from computer to my Storm. I'm not familar with music.:smileysurprised: