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i love my 9650. i still have OS because i cant view the net with 6.0. my question is

i am getting a replace meant phone sent in this week (used to be 2 day now its 5 day shipping) it comes loaded with OS 6. i plan on loading back on it like my old phone because when 6.0 first came out i had problems viewing web pages. the teck told me to load my OS 5.975 back on..

is OS 6 still have the same problems with web viewing? i think it was collom view 6.0 did not have..)  

can i get the verizon store to deleat 6.0 and load 5.075?

or should i give 6.0 a try again? maybe they fixed the problems//..


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Re: I love my 9650. I still have OS because I cant view the net with 6.0. my question is

My daughter has nothing but freezing problems with this phone have to take battery out often and extremely slow internet. No help from customer support very disappointing!!! Any help appreciated



Re: i love my 9650. i still have OS because i cant view the net with 6.0. my question is
Verizon Employee

Hello adamant118,


I also have a blackberry running software v6.0 and I LOVE the wireless experience that it provides. When you get your replacement device, I hope that you reconsider using v6.0 for your device so you can enjoy all the new features that it adds to the device's functionality. If you do not like v6.0 then you do have the option to go to previous version of the blackberry OS by using the blackberry desktop manager, v5.0. The v5.0 software restoration needs to be done on a non-corporate PC, which is why our corporate stores are unable to complete the process for you. If you do not have the blackberry desktop manager software on your computer then you can use the link below to download the software.


Once you have successfully installed the blackberry desktop manager to your computer you can follow the steps in this handy dandy video link to complete the process.


Enjoy your new blackberry & let me know if you have any additional questions.