i need help activating bbm!

my bb bold died tonight, so my friend gave me her storm to activate.  i received it, hooked up up to my comp to restore all of my contacts and proceeded to use it.  everything is working great, except my bbm contacts didnt transfer over, and it's still her list.  if anybody knows how to activate the bbm so all of my contacts transfer over and it's my list, PLEASE HELP!

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Re: i need help activating bbm!
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You will need to delete Blackberry Messenger from your device.  Then, after rebooting, you will need to reinstall BBM.  When you go into the program, you can restore you Messenger, IF you had backed up BBM to either an SD card or to an email address.  If you did, you can press restore and follow the prompts for restoring your BBM user ID and the contacts and groups you had on your old device.  I have mine set to backup to an email address remotely, which works very well.  You can also restore BBM from a backup from your computer if it has been done.  If you are unable to restore from either way, then you will have to manually add all of your contacts and groups from scratch.  I hope this helps.