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is the storm 2 better than the droid

i have a upgrade and i dont know what to get the storm 2 or droid ive played with both at a store but cant really decide help!

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Re: is the storm 2 better than the droid


I suggest you take your time and browse different websites to get user's feedback on each device.  Make a list of the Pros and Cons of each.  You can browser through the forums here for feedback on the Storm 2 and over in the Android forum for feedback there on that type of device.  Most important, write down what you want to be able to do with your phone.  Also, check out Verizon's Smarphone Resource Center.  A lot of common questions can be answered there about the different devices.  You did not say what type of phone you have now, but if you have just a regular cell phone, there is one common question that seems to arise concerning data plans.  Keep in mind that ALL smartphones and PDAs with Verizon require a separate data plan on top of the regular phone plan you have.  If you should have any more questions, please let us know.  Good luck.


Re: is the storm 2 better than the droid
Sr. Member

If you need email as a important tool, if you got lots of friends with blackberry, then the storm 2 is for you.  The droid is more of a multimedia phone instead, you'll get a lot better browser experience, applications, Free GPS Turn-By-Turn.

Re: is the storm 2 better than the droid

I love my droid and I tend to be frustrated by Blackberry.  i am sure I could get used to it but whatever.  My wife could not stand either of the Droid phone options but fell madly in love with the new Curve 8530.  Go figure.  Personal preference is a big thing.  She isn't as big on GPS navigation though I made sure she had at least one good option set up to make me feel safer.  She loves getting her e-mails and all that.  Basically she isn't a big app person there aren't a whole lot that she needs or even wants.  blackberry has more than enough and more of the ones she wants anyway.  It has better ereaders and more mainstream apps.  Android is getting some of those a little at a time but has a ton of fun toy apps which I have fun picking through and figure out which do what I want more efficiently and which is better for what.  So it all comes down to what do you want it to do.  Some people like blackberry as their personal smart phone but it is king of corporate phones with good reason.  Android even though it has been around for about 2 years and had phones actually running it for just over 1 in the US is still a fledgling project more trying to compete for the consumer market to offer fun and games but its usefulness as a business corporate phone remains to be seen.  It just doesn't seem to be vying for that market as much.