link sync outlook contact list and calendar to blackberry

This is absolutely ridiculous that we have to go through all of this to sync.  I purchased by BB Z10, even waited for 8 months to upgrade, and was told , yeah no problem with USB sync, just like with my Bold..only to find out that it does not.  I just had some more issues with my phone, so I called Verizon Customer Support, and I requested to be passed to Blackberry.  I spoke with one of their tech's and she also advised me that Blackberry has released the new version to Verizon over 45 days ago.  This will allow a two way usb sync with outlook, calaendar, notes etc.

What is going on with Verizon?  I think they just want to push the droids, hoping people will switch and pick up all the early termination fees.

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Re: link sync outlook contact list and calendar to blackberry
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Yes, you can see the active support activity on the GS4 and iP5 support boards, so indeed, what IS going on with Verizon? It's already been tweeted by Michael Clewley that all carriers have the 10.1MR update, VZW hasn't even "provided" (calling themselves a provider) their BB customers with the original 10.1 release. If they've been given the MR, that means they already have the 10.1! Sad, and for as much as they're charging for their 'service', seriously, time to take my $ elsewhere? TMO, AT T, and others are doing much better for BB users, VZW falling way, way behind. They say they're "dedicated" to you, but those are just punch words, the action and follow through behind it just isn't there.

v 10.2 almost complete, ready to move on to v 10.3, and VZW BB Z10 users haven't even received the original v 10.1 (even though Q10's are running it on their network already right out of the box!)- something is seriously wrong, and it is absolutely not BB's fault, it is VZW.