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multiple pearls in few months??? options...

hi there, so this is my first post and i spent some time looking around on here for anything related to my question... so far i've found nothing.


Ok, so i have a bb pearl 8130.  I got it last nov and then i had gotten another one to replace due to problems with an upgrade deleting my backgrounds..oh well.  I deactivated it for a few months due to the cost of the data plan and the fact that it wasn't neccessary for me to have email at that time.  So i went back to my white chocolate.  I decided in about late july that i wanted it back, so i reactivated it.  so i was still on phone #2.  within the next month, i got phone #3 and #4.  


#2's radio was turning off constantly so they gave me another--that new one (#3)'s charger port didn't work, so i got #4.  Then i think around september 11th i got #5.  


isn't there something about if you have 3 or more phones in a certain period of time, you get a different choice (like different model) phone?  


Just wondering.  Also i'm sick of my bb pearl and would like something better/newer... and non-smartphone.  so what are my options..  and the best---i'm debating the rogue, env touch, or waiting for the choc touch.....


any info will help!! thanks!

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Re: multiple pearls in few months??? options...

please help.  i'd love to get a different phone since ive had to change so many settings so many times...