my blackberry is not working

my blackberry is not working at all today (Jan 10) . No email and unable to connect to the internet.

    What's going on? Is this a system-wide problem? Is this a Verizon problem again?


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Re: my blackberry is not working
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I haven't had any problems today.  *knocks on wood

Re: my blackberry is not working
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You should try some basic troubleshooting steps to get your phone working again.


Pull the battery out for a few seconds and put it back.

After the phone reboots take note of your signal indicator. Does it say 1XEV, 1xev or 1X/1x? If it's anything but 1XEV then you're not getting a 3G data connection. 

If you're getting 1XEV try opening your web browser to see if it connects.If it doesn't you can try something else. Click on your options icon and go to Advanced Options > Host Routing Table. Press your menu button and select Register Now. Confirm the registration message, exit your options and try your browser again.


If it still doesn't work we can try some other steps, but that usually get things running again.


Also, your data services aren't directly provided by VZW. Everything related to your email, web browsing or instant messaging is provided by RIM. Unfortunately, RIM has had a series of system wide crashes in the last few months. It's been a couple weeks, so hopefully they're back on track.