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mysterious data charges from a blackberry

I have 2,866.70 $ of data charges from nov 15th to the 17th 2009. I get the happy news of this bill on JAN1 2010 when my phone is getting shut off due to nonpayment of the incorrect charges.


after submitting offline dept request for adjustment and 5 phonecalls ago, I have realized verizons run around behavior is indicative fo their "care" for customers that have been with them and switched to them.


I should have never braught my 2nd line to verizon. because when i did so the blackberry is always connected to internet and did not disconnect the same time, so without a plan i accrude charges.


It doesnt even matter don't know why im on here no one gives a rip. 3000$???? when did verizon join the mafia?

this is after i wrote a thank  you letter to the tech tellhim what great help he was when he explained the data usage didn't match the actual data usage aND THEN HE explained that the data charges came from alltell then charges from vzw which means the whole thing is messed up.


when will people that work for verizon that have good jobs with health insurance  and job security care about the customers and do THEIR JOB which is following through, offline dept you keep hiding offline and do your investigation. but actually due an investigation instead of sayin you will call back in 5-7 days that was 2 weeks ago people HELLO 2,866.77 ??? are you serious is it not important to you, any other person would have lost all their hair by now.



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Re: mysterious data charges from a blackberry

What are the data charges specifically for? All blackberry devices require a data plan so there is no individual data charges.


More information is needed please.

Re: mysterious data charges from a blackberry

I was under the impression that Verizon doesnt activate blackberries without data plans. Its required. And if it was a glitch, they should fix it.


Are you sure you didnt use the phone as a modem or tether it on the computer. Because that will do it!!!!!!

Re: mysterious data charges from a blackberry
The above poster is correct ... you cannot even activate a BB without a data plan being added. So you should have recourse, unless, as stated, you used it as a modem without having a tethering plan. Good luck!