need help with blackberry tour .. and email accounts

okay i am in need of some help and verizon cant seem to figure out the problem.. my tour is not picking up all my emails .. i would say it gets about 75% of them but the other 25% get left on my email account.. i have resent service books, deleted and reset up email accounts , went to blackberry server and made sure everything was okay .. cleared all filters and still wont work .. i have two gmail accounts i use and i need my emails for work .. does anyone have any idea how to fix this or what the problem can be .. i have even had customer serivce send me a new phone and still nothing .. i have the tour ... its driving me nuts trying to fix it ... has anyone else had this problem .. i never had this problem with my blackberry curve but when i switched from t-mobile to verizon and got the bold i have had this problem the whole time ... its not specific emails or people it does it to its random ... please please help 😃

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Re: need help with blackberry tour .. and email accounts
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Have you tried to use the GMail App for the blackberry?  I don't have any ideas on why this would be occuring through BIS.  If you try the App however I do not know if you can have multiple Apps setup for different accounts.