phone has stopped ringing/having any audio

Two nights ago, I noticed that I had several missed calls and messages that I didn't know about.  I observed that my phone was not making any sound when calls or messages were coming in.  Earlier in the day it had been ringing and giving other audio alert.  I checked to ensure that the profile is set to Normal or even Loud.  I have tried opening Slacker Radio and Pandora, and it will say that the station is playing but there is no audio.  I have tried restarting, taking the battery out and replacing it, and have tried to adjust settings but nothing is helping.  Anyone have any suggestions how I can get my audio back?  My phone is my alarm clock so I really need to figure this out!  Thanks!

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Re: phone has stopped ringing/having any audio
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Plug a pair of headphones in and see if the audio is working.  Then unplug the headphones.  I have heard of a Blackberry getting "stuck" in headphone mode, ie, the device thinks the headphones is still plugged in.  Hope this helps.