phone is slow.

For the last one week , it phone is very slow.  Every step is taking time.  Missed calls and more. 

Seniors pl advice.


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Re: phone is slow.
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Community Leader

Have you done a "battery pull" recently?  I need to do this every few days to keep the phone running efficiently. 

Clear out emails, text messages - as they accumulate it eats up memory and will slow things down.

I use an app called "Quick Pull" that effectively does a "battery pull" without having to physically remove the battery.  The battery pull will reboot the device, reset/clear caches and really does improve function (and battery life!).

If that doesn't help, look into any apps/games you may have installed that could be slowing things down. 

Re: phone is slow.
Customer Service Rep

Hello shri,

It is very difficult to be productive with a slow blackberry. Trust me, I've tried and it wasn't fun! Since my boss has already yelled at me for not replying to her email in a timely fashion, I don't want you to experience that fate my friend. I am ready to partner with you to get your blackberry functioning to its maximum ability.

Have you tried the steps that SuzyQ suggested? Oftentimes, a battery pull will increase the responsiveness of blackberries, thanks SuzyQ. If you are still having the same issue after the battery pull then I recommend removing apps that you don't use on the device. This can  be done directly on the blackberry or by using the desktop manager. Also, try erasing old texts, pictures, and/or videos from the device to free up device storage. Once you perform these steps then please advise if the performance of the blackberry has improved. If not then I can continue to assist.

Thank you...

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