please help me (blackberry storm 9530)

hi,i have many problems with my blackberry storm 9530

i can`t  active waiting service ... so every one call me when i have a call ---> give him ( busy )

i try solve these problem but i did not found the option on my mobile ... i Accustomed found these option on phone option

on my old blackberry 8100 .. but on my storm 9530 i cant found it... and i cant setup new softwear because my usb port on my mobile is broken LOL

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Re: please help me (blackberry storm 9530)
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Community Leader
The Call Waiting feature is normally "on" by default; if it is not working, then call Customer service and have them check your account to be sure it is activated.

I did not find a way to activate it on MyVerizon, as it is an included feature and on by default.