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pls help -- can't delete or send gmail from BB

Hi- I set up my BB to access my gmail acct. Problem is BB can receive gmail, but won't send or delete gmail msg

through the BB.  BB also won't "reconcile" with Gmail acct either. Sending/Receiving/Deleting is ok on laptop.

Can anyone provide a solution? I've tried de-installing Gmail icon and re-installing. but it didn't work.


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Re: pls help -- can't delete or send gmail from BB

Try using the Enhanced Gmail Plug-In for your blackberry device if you are not already using it.  


Copy and paste the link below for the plug in:

Gmail webmail accounts do not have separate sent items and inbox folders. The Gmail account web page contains a Sent Mail link on the left side, but this is not a separate folder from the inbox.
Gmail email messages are grouped into conversations, resulting in all sent email messages and replies from others appearing as a single email message entry in the inbox. This grouping allows for easy reading and viewing on the Gmail web page, but in the past, when integrated with the BlackBerry Internet Service account, results in copies of sent email messages arriving on the BlackBerry smartphone as new email messages.
BlackBerry Internet Service 2.6 now automatically filters out any new email message that has also been flagged as a Sent Item. These messages are no longer delivered to the BlackBerry smartphone. As a result, email messages sent from the mailbox to itself are also being filtered out.



Currently there is no resolution to this issue.

Copy and paste this link for more information.