question about international texting

if i am texting australia, do i use a "+" symbol at the beginning of the number or do i use 011?

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Re: question about international texting
Verizon Employee

Hello spalor13,

International texting is a great way to communicate to a person overseas! May I ask is the number that you are texting in Australia a Verizon Wireless number, another US mobile number, or a native Australian mobile number? To be on the safe side, I have noted the dialing pattern below for all three situations.

  • US mobile number: text the 10-digit mobile number. (Verizon Wireless & non-Verizon Wireless cell phones)
  • Australian mobile number: Dial 011 then 61(country code) then the international number.

For example, to text an Australian number simply dial 011619876543210. Hopefully, my example didn't confuse you. If it did then here's a link that will explain it as little better.

If you have any additional questions then feel free to reply to this message for assistance.

Thank you...


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