"Global" service JOKE!!

November - called Verizon from home; asked for international service while on vacation in Europe. "No Problem - ZAP! you're signed up! Flew to Barcelona. No service. Called Verizon from Hotel ($$$). Connected to Vodaphone. Worked for 1 week.

Boarded cruise ship for Miami. No service. Ship advertises "it's own international roaming network." Ship says my phone "is not set up for international calls." No service (SOS). Called Verizon from ship ($$$$$$$$$). Verizon says I did not tell them that I was travelling on the Azamara 'Journey" and Verizon does not have an "agreement" with Azamara. My fault. Shame on me. No options. It's okay, I still have this pretty little shiny black paperweight. I signed on to the ship's internet to tell Verizon about this. In order for me to open an account on this forum, Verizon said they would send me a secret 3 digit code. BY TEXT MESSAGE!

What a scream. Nobody thinks about customers anymore.

Nobody's listening. I know that, but I feel better.

Have a nice day. {please keep your posts courteous}

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