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"My Verizon" app for Blackberry Storm WARNING!

Hello fellow BB/Verizon customers...

I wanted to post a warning about the "my verizon" app for the Blackberry. This app will post payments to your account even when it says it DID NOT process your payment. This is a HUGE problem. The BIGGER problem comes after that though. Upon calling Verizon customer service(to ask them to credit back the double posted payment), I was told "Once the payment is processed, we cannot credit it back to you." THIS IS THE WORST BILLING ANSWER I HAVE EVER RECEIVED! I mean even your neighborhood snow cone stand can process a credit back to your account. They were not helpful. The customer service rep refused to put a manager on the line and then got snippy with me because I kept asking for a manager. I never got a manager on the line and ended up hanging up on the idiot cs rep. I have worked in software programming for over a century and have worked on credit card processing systems more times than I can count. Even the most archeac cc systems have a way to process a credit. You can't lie to me and tell me you can't process a credit. You're just too LAZY to do it or you just want to keep the money that your app STOLE from me. Please beware and DO NOT USE THIS APP! My contract is over in a month and this has prompted me to go back to T-mobile where I was always treated with full respect. I'm so sorry I ever moved to Verizon. To anyone working for Verizon that might read this, I posted this on my personal facebook page and my bands facebook page to let my thousands of friends and fans know NOT to use Verizon. I have already gotten replies from about 20-30 people who said that they will be dropping Verizon asap. Your customer service needs an overhaul and your billing system that CAN'T process credits was left back in the late 70's. You need to figure these things out or suffer the consequences of losing subscribers to people with better customer service like T-mobile and AT&T.


P.S. The Verizon HUB is a ripoff. Don't buy into it. A rotary phone works better than that {word filter avoidance}.

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Re: "My Verizon" app for Blackberry Storm WARNING!

My new Blackberry Tour 9630 (3/2010) conked out last weekend so they sent a "replacement". A reconditioned

replacement! I got the same cs bull as you while they explained "policy".

My policy is I paid for a NEW one just 3 months ago and the replacement should be a NEW one or I'll go to another carrier.

Cincinnati Bell and AT&T might not be at the top of the service heap but I won't be screwed by these people.

Two phones and a long time relationship apparently aren't of interest to them!


Re: "My Verizon" app for Blackberry Storm WARNING!

just a fun fact DROP verizons insurance the same applies to the one year replacement plan that comes with buying a phone that only excludes water damage BUT go to best buy there insurance is 10 bucks and they send new phones if your phone is not fixable and in the mean time you have a loner phone i have used it about 4 times and gotten a new phone each time and it takes about 3-5 days for them to evalute and fix/replace your phone