Hope someone can help.  My daughter is traveling in Eastern Europe with a global Blackberry so she gets internet.  She loaded Skype on her blackberry and it works for her to call me through the Skype but I need to know if that just uses her minutes or does she get charged for making a call or anything.  Her internet usage is unlimited.  I can't get a good answer from Verizon because I know that they probably want to charge for phone calls but one rep I talked to said it shouldn't actually use minutes or anything.  My daughter pays a monthly fee to Skype to make calls.  Thanks for any help or a better way to ask--I'm not too electronically saavy.

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I can only speculate here, but I'm almost 100% positive it does not use her minutes.  Skype is a VOIP client or voice over internet protocol program which uses data sent and received through the WWW <----world wide web.  All she would be using is her internet through the handset which on a domestic calling plan is unlimited.  If she is on an international calling/data plan they may limit the amount of data in which she is allowed to download like they do with VZW's Tether program which is limited to 5GB of downloadable data.  I can't make an informed opinion on your situation without knowing more about the calling/data plan you're working with.  Again though, if it's VZW's standard BB data plan the internet usage on the handset is unlimited and therefore calls would be unlimited and no minutes should be charged.  I hope this help.  Please let us know if you have any more questions and try and be as explicit as possible with details about calling plan and other pertinent info.   Cheers.


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LOWFLYER would be right. The Skype application won't use any of your plan minutes, it only uses your data connection. However if the user will be oversea's you'll want to add the Global Blackberry plan for $64.99. Otherwise you would be charged roaming fee's for use outside of the country. The Global plan also provides you with unlimited data, so there's no need to worry about a cap. However, keep in mind that the user's services can't be guaranteed while roaming since the phone would no longer be on VZW's network.

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well ... and how about using skype here in State? I'm using Google voice but I'd like to use skype because many of my friends are using skype oversees.

so my question is: in case I'll use skype from USA to connect someone oversees ( not calling on the phone ...but calling to skype contact on his/her PC ) ... will it be free for me?