sms and emails delayed by hours

Hi!  I am hoping someone here has the knowledge and insight  required to help me redeem my stellar reputation....yesss, still talking about my phone :smileyhappy:...


1. Sms from as short a distance as less than a 1/2 mile away can be delayed for hours or arrive w/in seconds, and anytime in between. 

2. Emails can arrive 13 hours later (& more) or w/in seconds, and any time in between.

3. Delayed sms,emails are often pushed through (via sending sms or txt to self)...that, if I "sense" that I should be receiving things.  Btw, still receive other messages/emails in-between w/in seconds of their send, while others have hung in cyberspace playing some sordid game of cat and mouse with my pricey phone/data service.

4. Some delayed items, originally sent 10 +hours after another delayed item, can arrive first (albeit too late to matter). 

5. Though I certainly pass through dead zones during my day (surprise surprise), never in one for longer than a 15minutes or so (max) in any given day. Suburban. In & near major metropolitan area.

6. This has caused more than a few ruffled feathers and looks of disbelief.  Yet again today. I am beginning to be looked upon in a less than favorable light.  Not an acceptable situation. 

7. Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions!



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Re: sms and emails delayed by hours

I would call Customer Service and have them transfer you to Tech Support and see if there's anything in the network that they can do to fix that issue. There might be a switch in the network or something that's causing a delay.

Re: sms and emails delayed by hours
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I would first try regestering my Host routing table then resending my service books.