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software crash on BB tour

I first got a Blackberry back in January after I got my taxes back. I was so excited to finally be able to get the tour. It was fantastic for a month, and then the software crashed. I was so upset. But I took it to the Verizon Store and they apologized and said that this is very rare and they would replace my phone right away! They were very nice and reassured me that this would not happen again. So, I spent the next day with my refurbished Blackberry Tour trying to get all of my settings back in order. And, once again, everything was fine for about a month or so. Then last Friday, my software crashed again!! So, I took it to a different store because I was at work this time. The staff at this store was very rude and seemed quite annoyed that I was there wasting their time. Finally, after the guy came back from the back after 15 minutes with my phone, he pulled someone else aside and asked, "have you ever seen this? I don't know what this is." And the other guy said, "oh yeah, her software crashed. It's dead. Get her a new one." So, again I am having to get ANOTHER phone. But this time, they had to order one because they didn't have any in stock. 4 days without a phone! So I asked this man how much it would cost me to get a different phone since obviously the BB Tour was not reliable. He said anywhere up to $300! I said, "But why? I pay for insurance on my phone. Can't I just pay a fee for that and get another phone since it isn't my fault that this is happening?" And then he said,  "well since it's a software issue, not a phone issue, the insurance doesn't cover it." I was so mad that I just said whatever. Order the phone and I left. Is that true about the insurance? And has this been happening to other people with their BB Tours? I'm so sick of having to redo my entire phone. I want to switch to Android but I don't want to pay that much!! Help?

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Re: software crash on BB tour


The software crash you described is a rare event with the Blackberry Tour.  Usually, software crashes occur when apps are being added to the device or the phone's operating system is being updated.  These software problems can be easily fixed by connecting your device to your home computer with Blackberry Desktop Manager and reloading the operating system.  As far as your questions about device insurance, I can only refer you to Verizon's site for insurance questions at  I hope this helped a little.


Re: software crash on BB tour

That is true about the insurance, sorry.  And unfortunately when you get the replacement it will have the 5.0  OS on it.

There is a patch for it and you will know if available on your replacement when you look at wireless updates.


Verizon actually used to let customers have a choice after 3 bad phones.  I would call customer care when you receive this one and tell them your issues.  Maybe they will let you switch, but I don't know if it will be an Android.  Usually when they let a switch happen it is similiar .   I have my wireless internet with them and was able to upgrade a phone.  I have had 2 Tours and one is on the way.  But I used my internet upgrade for another phone.  I now have the Curve 8530 and it is a great little device.  The trackpad on it is amazing and no issues.  I know it has a lower resolution camera, but have had 2.0 before.  I have a nice digitel camera but the main thing is I don't have the issues I had with The Tour.  And it as tough on me because I really loved that device.  It isa good looking BB and my calls were crystal clear.  They are with the Curve too.  I haven't used the  WIFI yet, but am anxious to see how great it is.  It is smaller and don't let the size fool you.  I don't think it is an entry level BB like it has been reviewed to be.  It is a great little device packed with punch.  I am pleased with it. I have sold wireless and sold BB's.    This one is great and if you can get it, you would be happy.