switching back to my LG voyager titanium

I'm really tired of my blackberry, so i want to switch back to my LG. Anyone know if this is possiable in the middle of a contract? I want to continue to get my email on my phone, so will i need a data plan still?

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Re: switching back to my LG voyager titanium
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Yes, you can switch back to your Voyager; a data plan is NOT required for the Voyager, but you WILL need data to get email. You have the option of PAYG at $1.99 per MB, $15 / 150 MB or unlimited for $29.99. And keep in mind that the email experience will be no where near the same as your BB.

You'll need the Mobile Email app, everything is text based (no html email) and no attachments will be viewable. The mobile email app is $4.99 a month, plus data if you are on the PAYG plan. I think it is included if you are on the $15 or $30 data plan.