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two hours searching and no closer to an answer. I have a problem!

My Blackberry died tonight. The charge port on the phone apparently has worn itself to the point connection is no long possible.


Before some Verizon tech script starts hammering me yes I tried different chargers (3) different phones and different wall outlets (2). It's the phone.


So OK call support right? Not if you are in the Dominican Republic working for the UN trying to get 75 tons of food to Port-au-prince by tomorrow! I have a couple of dozen in-process activities moving food, helicopters, cargo jets and people and I can't find a single way to call support! Incredible!


So someone from Verizon jump right up and tell me:


1. How do I activate my insurance? (don't fob it off on Assurion either)

2. How do I call support if I can not activate 800 numbers?

3. How do I forward calls to my brand new Orange Dominican phone?


This support system is criminally deficient. I need to get my phone number ringing to this little piece of junk I bought; I need Verizon to get me my new Blackberry delivered to the UN office at Santo Domingo Airport and I need to have a knowledgebase that is workable. Search terms work some time; next time same search term is blank. The same search term returns different results in subsequent searches. Why do I pay you hundreds of dollars a month? Because I hav ea ocntract and this is a promise: when that contrac tis up my business is gone.


FYI I have been up 60 hours straight so I may appear to be a bit perturbed. I am. This is a disgraceful support system.


Send me an email will you? You sure do that enough when my bill is due or you want to upsell me more of your junk.

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Re: two hours searching and no closer to an answer. I have a problem!

Very rarely does any from Verizon comment on here. You'll probably have better luck with using the Contact Us on the top of the page.


Asurion number is 888-881-8622 or do it online

Re: two hours searching and no closer to an answer. I have a problem!
Sr. Member

I noticed you recently had an esn change. Was your issue resolved with your Blackberry?