unable to connect to internet

this is probably the 5th time this year i've had the same problem -  i can't send/recieve calls or texts and my internet doesn't work (however, this time im only having trouble with the internet).


everytime i've called, they've told me to do a hard reset, or turn the network on and off. the 1xEV icon should display capital "EV", but it currently displays "ev".


i'm a little tired of this happening, and i don't know what else to do. any suggestions? i really dont wanna have to call (again) to get this problem resolved.


the associates i speak to say its a problem with the blackberry RIM or its network or something, but other blackberry users on verizon dont seem to have the same problem as me. is it really just me, or is anyone else having this problem?

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Re: unable to connect to internet
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I have provided some information below that may help in maintaining your connection, or connecting with data services.

Step 1. Soft Reset – To perform a soft reset on your Blackberry please do the following:


  • Pull the battery out of your device while it is powered on
  • Leave it out for 20-30 seconds and place the battery back in
  • Please allow the necessary time for your device to boot up


***Allow a few moments after the device boots up for the data network to connect (it should be a capital 1XEV)

***If it does not come up with the 1XEV (given about 2 minutes), a cycle of your devices connections may help. I have provided the steps below:


Select your manage connections icon
Select the turn all connections off
Select the restore connection and allow the device to reconnect


Step 2. Send a registration message – This is done by going through the menu options (instructions below)

    • Select the Options icon
    • Select the Advanced option
    • Select Host Routing Table
    • Select Menu
    • Select Register ( you should get a “registration message sent”)


Step 3. Resend service books to your device – I have provided the Blackberry Article steps below:



***A soft reset (Battery Pull) is very helpful on Blackberry Device’s, and recommended to resolve a fair number of potential Blackberry issue’s.


I hope this information helps