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every time my bb updates, whether it be messenger, a game, or an app,,,, i loose my ring tones and pictures,,, help,,, when i resent some of the pics,, it says it was already there,, but dast if i can find it.  I have had a bb for 5 years,, love it,, but this last summer my phone went in the pool and the replacement is doing this,, i switched to droid,, didn't like it's features,, the only thing i liked was the "droid" notification tone,,,

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Re: up dates
Verizon Employee

    I've loved my blackberry for years. I would be horrified to lose my pictures and ringtones. Let's look into this issue. If this happens every time you update an application or game it may be a memory issue. Do you have a micro SD card installed in the device? This is something that you would have purchased separately. Lets clean out some memory and test it.


     Some ways to clean up memory are to delete older text messages. Please also clear the history on the browser. To do this open the browser press the Blackberry key>options>Cache operation or scroll down to clear history and clear all the cookies. This will clear things that may slow down the device.


     Please retest after clearing the memory space. Let me know if that helps, If not I will be glad to further troubleshoot with you.


 Thank you