updating the storm

this is my 3rd storm. i have spent 11 hours on black friday trying to transfer data and update my phone. after an unsuccessful download and transfer, my call to customer service resulted in the common question "do you have another phone i can call you on?" Well if I had another phone, which I wish I did, I wouldn't be talking to customer service.  This is the worst phone I have owned in 20 years.I switched from Sprint to get this phone and the Verizon network. What a big mistake. The coverage is no better and the customer service albeit friendly, does not help.

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Re: updating the storm
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Try it this way:


1. Download and install the software from the Verizon update site.


2. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader double click the Loader or if you're having trouble you may have to right click and choose run as administrator (its the one with the pic of a phone) file. Follow the steps and keep phone plugged in until it finishes.  There will also be a part that shows you what is being installed and you can choose things not to install here also.


If you don't wish to try this I would take the phone to a Verizon Store and let them do it for you.