yahoo mail not going to my bold 9650

yahoo mail not going to my bold 9650

2 days in a row i was on the phone with verizon. my mail is intermitly being sent to my phone. anybody else having that problem?
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Hi. I was going to tell you I just read something about this on Crackberry, but now that I went back and reread, you probably already know that.


All I can think of is to go to, and open up your Yahoo account there (click on Edit) and check the filters and other settings. Are you getting your Yahoo emails on your home computer? If not, I would contact them.


And just for fun, you could try a battery pull to reset everything.


Hope it's resolved soon!

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First try this solution:


Re-validate the integrated account. To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service account.
  2. Beside the invalid integrated email account, an icon of an envelope with a red line through it will be displayed. Click the icon.

If you are still having the issue then you would go thru steps of :


(Associating an email account using the BlackBerry smartphone)


The steps are located at this web address


Hope this Helps