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z-30 deleted emails on server

I have a new Z-30, activated yesterday. When I delete an email on the device, I hit the button for deleting on the Hub only, not Hub and server. However, after a few minutes, it deletes it off my email server as well. I lost over 30 days of emails due to this. They do not appear in the deleted email folders.

This makes my Z-30 useless for my email purposes.

I know the difference on the how the Hub works, and yes, I am hitting the correct option.  I just tried it again with test emails to my three email accounts.

Opened them up individual, hit delete, went to screen asking which option, I select the Hub only option; a few minutes later, gone from my email inbox on my server as well.

Any ideas?

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Re: z-30 deleted emails on server

So let me get this straight so I understand.  You go in to Blackberry Hub Settings, the to Display and Actions, and then to Delete On.  You have selected the Handheld Only option and it is still deleting your emails off of the server.  Is this correct?  I'm not having any problem with mine.  I just wanted to make sure you were changing the settings in the correct place.

Re: z-30 deleted emails on server
Customer Support

I'm sorry your emails are being deleted when choosing the right option on your device tiwamarcus. I know this is frustrating. Have you check all your HUB setting to ensure they are set up appropriately? Here is a link with some steps to all the HUB settings . I would also disable your email and set it up again along with your HUB options. Resetting the functionality may help with the issue you're having. I was unable to locate any reported issues with this particular feature. Do you have the latest software on your device. Please keep us posted.

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Re: z-30 deleted emails on server

What type of email account is it?  Is it Hotmail, Yahoo, Comcast or work account using ActiveSync or ??