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BEWARE: Verizon will NOT honor bring-your-own-device rebate

In April of this year I switched to Verizon after 25 years with AT&T because they offered a $450 rebate if I brought my own device.  As soon as I got my first bill from Verizon, I checked and when I didn't see a $450 credit, I contacted customer service.  I was told that I had to wait a month and then I'd receive a gift card as my rebate.  I waited...and waited ...and waited.  Several months later, still no gift card!! 

I contacted customer service again and was then told my rebate had EXPIRED because they said I was supposed to fill out a form.  I was NEVER told to fill out a form the first time I contacted them.  They refused to honor the rebate.  

I've never in my life experienced such unethical and deceptive treatment from a corporation and will be filing a class action lawsuit.  

Re: BEWARE: Verizon will NOT honor bring-your-own-device rebate

I switched 3 lines over a few weeks ago, each of which was supposed to get a $500 rebate.  Two of those finally came through, but the third one has been rejected several times for the reason that the purchase was not made through an authorized retailer.  There was no purchase. The order for the line switch was made over the phone with Verizon.  Several agents have tried to resubmit it, and it keeps coming back with the same failure.  It's almost comical.  I've given up.

There are two big issues:

1) There is a big disconnect in Verizon's system.  They have too many promotions and rebates, and they don't all go through a central channel.  Notations are made in customers' accounts, and sometimes that's the only proof that something was promised.

2) Verizon is not accountable for mistakes made by customer service agents.  If a customer is told incorrect information, followed by "It'll take 1 to 2 billing cycles for this to show up on your bill", then the customer is just out of luck.

Re: BEWAVerizon will NOT honor bring-your-own-device rebate
Customer Support

We know how important it is to get the promotion you qualify for. We are more than happy to take a closer look into this for you. To continue, I will be sending you a Private Note, as well as this message. -Jordan

Re: BEWARE: Verizon will NOT honor bring-your-own-device rebate
Customer Support

We're disappointed to learn of your experience on your third rebate, kaybracon. We appreciate your feedback and want to ensure there is a resolution for you. just to confirm, what was the specific promotion for? Please provide as much detail as possible on the promotion. Were all lines set up at the same time and with a Sales Agent? -Danielle