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Fooled by Verizon’s Fine Print, etc.

Dear Verizon,

I thought you were on my side. I’ve been a loyal customer for well over a decade. I always pay my bill on time. I buy phones through you. I thought you cared.

Then September 16, 2020 came along. I was so excited to switch a family member from TracPhone to our Verizon plan and get two new phones! It was going to be great. Nope. It was a nightmare.

After jumping through all the hoops - switch a line, switch to autopay, switch to Unlimited, buy two new phones, and do it all online, I sat back to wait for the great deals to kick in - $350 rebate, an Amazon Dot & Smartplug, $150 credit, Disney/ESPN/Hulu (already had them) and BOGO. 

Well, I got Disney/ESPN/Hulu. Sigh.

The numerous online, on the phone, and in-store agents I talked to seemed to really want to help. But they’d all eventually say ‘Good news - all fixed. It’ll show up after two billing cycles’. What? In other words - probably not fixed, get off our backs, hopefully you’ll forget what the deal was by then anyway. 

Finally the last agent I talked to just told it to me straight, “Here’s the phone number for the Rebate Center. They’ll tell you what’s what.” 

After 167 attempts to call the Rebate Center and getting nothing but a busy signal, I gave up.

You win, Verizon. I’ll wait the two billing cycles and scratch my head at the confusing bill.

For a COMMUNICATIONS company, you really need to work on your communication skills.

Re: Fooled by Verizon’s Fine Print, etc.
Customer Support

We are sorry that this experience has not been the best during your communication with us. With regard to the promotional offers it can take up to 2 billing cycles to complete this process in our system. What we can do is verify that the changes were made on your account for confirmation. This is not a instant discount when signing up and does take 2 bill cycles in order to have this added. If you would like to look into this please send us a private message for review. 

Re: Fooled by Verizon’s Fine Print, etc.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I know it takes 2 billing cycles to see discounts/rebates/final costs, etc. I addressed that in my complaint. It seems like the company is hoping I calm down and possibly forget the details of the “deal” I’m supposed to get while I impatiently wait.

It seems like there should be an easier and more equitable way to give loyal customers a good deal on these over-priced phones & services.

Thanks for listening.