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Verizon Has Not Honored $450 BYOD Rebate - I've spent 9+ hours on this and it's still not resolved

I transferred a line in to Verizon and did a BYOD with an iPhone X. I received a confirmation of the order, but I never received any rebate submission details.

Also, my number didn't port over. After 2 weeks of waiting for the number to port, I called tech support, spent 3 hours on the phone, and was transferred to 3 different people. The porting specialist was finally able to get the number transferred. Why would Verizon allow a transfer to hang in limbo for 2 weeks and do nothing about it?

Even after activating the line, I still didn't receive a rebate submission details.

I waited, and still no rebate submission details, so I called technical support, and the automated message said to use the chat app instead. So I wasted an hour chatting with someone who eventually told me I need to call tech support because they couldn't help with rebates. So I did, waited an hour on hold, and was told to call back the next day when the rebate specialist would be available to assist.

I called back the next day and was on the phone for 2 hours. I asked why I had not received any details on rebate submission. I was told it was past the 30-day limit to submit my rebate. I explained that I had never received any rebate submission details on how to submit, and gave all of the line activation troubles and details. I was told it would be elevated to a rebate specialist for review. The support representative then called me a week later and I waited on the line while she followed up with the rebate specialist. Rebate request denied. The support representative then said she would request a 1-time account credit for $450 and that I would receive it on my next bill. A month later, I did not receive it on my next bill.

So I called tech support again and spent another 2 hours on the phone. I went through the whole history again. He said he would again request for the $450 account credit again. He checked with the manager. The manager said it was my fault for not following the rebate submission instructions in the e-mail (which I never received) and that the manager would approve only $225 as a 1-time courtesy. I said that I felt I was entitled to the full amount. He agreed and said he would apply the $225 to my account now and then reach out to the regional manager on Monday and request the remaining $225. He said he would call me back on Monday with an update. I did not receive a call on Monday. And I have no indication that either of the $225 account credits have been applied.

I became a Verizon customer in 2004. I've never missed a payment. I would think that this would at least mean that Verizon would fulfill the promise of a $450 rebate for adding yet another line to my plan. And I would think it should not require hours upon hours of phone calls and multiple follow-ups for me to try to get the rebate. And I also would think that it would not involve a manager placing all the blame on me for not following up on a rebate e-mail that I never received. (Also, I checked my account notifications - no rebate details there either.)

This is not how Verizon should treat their customers. I'm hoping this one last request for resolution is successful, because I'm ready to switch to another provider.


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Re: Verizon Has Not Honored $450 BYOD Rebate - I've spent 9+ hours on this and it's still not resolved

It took 2 more calls to Verizon tech support, and 2 more hours on the phone, and I finally got an account credit for the $450 rebate that I should have received. Verizon Customer Support did send me a private message in response to the original post. The link in the private message did not work. So posting here was basically a waste of my time. But at least I did finally receive the rebate.

I should not require me to spend 11 hours on the phone with tech support to transfer in a new line from Google Fi and receive the $450 rebate I was originally promised. Verizon should do a better job with sending the rebate notifications not only via e-mail (which I never received) but also via account notification within the Verizon customer portal (which can be verified as being delivered or not.

Re: Verizon Has Not Honored $450 BYOD Rebate -
Customer Support



We definitely appreciate your feedback and I'm very sorry you had such trouble getting a solution to this, but I'm glad you were ultimately able to receive a credit to cover that amount. If we can help with anything else we're always glad to do so. -Andrew

Re: Verizon Has Not Honored $450 BYOD Rebate - I've spent 9+ hours on this and it's still not resolved

I have experienced this same problem. I have done on line chats, gone to stores, called >6 times and that involves spending hours on phone. I was told to call the loyalty dept., can't get through to them, was on hold for >30 mins. I will be searching for another company. I've been satisfied with Verizon concerning everything else, but this is ridiculous, to hear several different avenues to take from different people. I thought when I did a negative review I would heard from them. I'm searching for another company for my I Phone.