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Verizon false advertising

Why does Verizon claim to pay off contracts if you switch? Verizon has the most decent network but doesn’t want customers. I have a device with another carrier and the service is horrible! I called Verizon customer service and they said will not pay off any devices or contracts from another carrier! Verizon advertises that they will pay if you switch. This is very misleading to customers who want to be on a better network but stuck with a phone with another carrier that they can’t get good service on! It just doesn’t make any sense! Verizon is horrible! They also have the highest prices on their plans among other carriers and don’t even care! 

Re: Verizon false advertising
Sr. Member

I see this but nothing about paying off a contract from another carrier.

Re: Verizon false advertising
Sr. Member

Except Verizon doesn't do that or advertise they do. Any current switch offer will have a Verizon gift card that's for Verizon services only. Typically around $250 dollars worth.

They used to offer a prepaid debit card of the same general value, but that's still not paying the old carrier your final charges. Any last billing obligations with the previous carrier you are 100% responsible for.

Verizon isn't misleading, you assumed something they never claimed they do.

Re: Verizon false advertising
Customer Support

We would love to have you in the Verizon family! At this time, we're not offering to pay off any contracts, and we don't have any promotions that offer to pay off any previous contracts with your current carrier. We are running great deals for making the switch, which can be found here: . Please let us know if you have any questions about our current offers.