1 more month and I will be done with Verizon!

I switched to Verizon because they were having a great deal last year. Get a $650 VISA GIFT CARD for each of my 2 devices. That's $1350. I have to be super careful with money.  That $1350 was going to be a principle only payment on the car I had to buy, saving me money in interest in the long run, plus supposedly Verizon has better coverage than AT&T. Whelp, what I got was (2) $450 eVerizon gift cards and fighting for the first 3 months with Verizon due to random additional features being added to my lines. Features I didn't add but they swore that I logged in, chose the feature and added it to my plan. I did not, my browser history on all of my devices said I didn't either. I had to file a complaint to the FCC to get the $1300 and the were only applicable to my bill. At least I was able to use the money as principle only payments each month on my car since the ecards would pay my phone bill. Verizon used to be so great but they are just switch and bait now. I was just looking at the internet plans today. All the adds say $35 a month for the plan, add it to your cart and it magically changes to $60. Verizon do better, get out of the capitalism mindset and join the human mindset .

Re: 1 more month and I will be done with Verizon!
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us, and we are sorry to hear about your Rebate experience. We are glad to see that you were able to receive a resolution. We are here for your support should you have additional questions or concerns.