$200 credit for switching not applied


My parents moved over from AT&T in March onto my plan because of the $200 for credit switching! The problem I feel with this is that the expected period for the benefit to be applied is 6-8 weeks after ordering and then there's a 60-day window to apply for the promotion so by the time you wait the 8 weeks to see if it gets applied, you're all the sudden outside the window to do anything about having not received it. 

I checked all my e-mails for instruction or promo codes and found nothing in the Order Confirmations or Shipping Confirmations for a promo code or what I was supposed to do with it after the checkout.  Talked to several customer service reps that ranged from "there's nothing we can do you're outside the 60-day window" to "take this promo code into your local Verizon store".  This was entirely an online transaction so not entirely sure what going in person to a store is going to fix and the last time I went there it was something on the order an 45 minutes to an hour of waiting in person before talking to them and then they just called in to online support, so not very confident they'll be able to resolve something that online support cannot.  

I've seen several other threads that got resolved on here, wondering if you guys can help me squared away as well. 



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