$200 switcher rebate NOT!
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I switched 2 lines from tmobile and was told that I would get $200/line. Talked today with an agent about this issue. At first, they said it's a promo that will be applied to my monthly bills. I said that's not what I was promised, Verizon promised $200 gift card per line that I will port. Then, after some waiting, the agent was like "oh, yeah, we do have that too!". Once again I said that I want my gift cards as promised. The agent checked my account and said something like "You got free phones and that was your deal". I said that that's not what other agents that I talked to previously were telling me and that I DO WANT MY GIFT CARD!!! After back and forth, I had to explain my situation about switching and their promised offer once again. The agent asked if I received any emails about this (which I didn't) and they told me they need to submit a manual request. I also mentioned that there are too many people online complaining and having the same issues. The agent said: "Please don't worry. You will get what you are promised for because we always keep our promises."  So, long story short, agent submitted manual request and said that now I need to wait "working" days for it to be processed and to receive my email with further instructions. 

But after reading so many complains about this issue I doubt that I will receive any email at all. I really would like for a very good agent to be able to help me resolve my issue.

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Same problem here after 2 months haven’t received the switcher gift card which made person who did my order give me a copy and called customer service and was told it was the store who to issue and the store says Verizon. The rep I talked to was rude and wouldn’t even listen. 

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Hope this thread helps:


I'm not a Verizon employee, just another customer trying to help.