$250 BYOD Rebate - waiting 6 months
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I did the BYOD $250 promo in December of 2019 and was told it can take 8 weeks. I patiently waited 12 weeks. 

I called and spoke with Verizon rebate supervisor near and of march/april, who said he resolved the issue and to wait another 8 weeks.  I waited again like appox 6 months since joining Verizon and the rebate still has not arrived.  I feel this is so dishonest and I have spent hours on the phone with Verizon trying to resolve this.

Please would somebody fox this and get me the $250 Rebate I was promised?  I have documented all my calls and person and dates and everything.  I saved the terms and conditions for the rebates as well.

Please do the right thing and honor your advertised promotions.

Seriously getting ready to leave Verizon for good.  I have been nice, I have not said anything bad yet on social media about this experience but I might have to do it if this is not resolved soon.

Thank you

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