350BYOD2021 Promo

I have not been able to redeem the 350BYOD2021 after 3 months of trying. I got 5 temporary lines at my local Costco and was offered the $350 per line if I ported numbers to those lines. I could not do the porting right away because my kids are out to collage and was a nightmare to do the porting. Anyway, after a few weeks I was finally able to made the porting and try to do the submission to get the $350 rebate per line, however the online system was never able to find the rebate and then have to go thru hoops to get someone online to do the submission manually. I was assured of a call back once the promotion was approved back in December, no call so far. Walk thru the valley of shadows again was promised a resolution in 7 days.....still waiting. Does anyone know of a way of getting someone on the phone with actual authority to resolve this issues. I can waste anymore time on it but it is $1750 on the line that I need to pay for my previous carriers phones. ???? help please!!!

Re: 350BYOD2021 Promo
Customer Service Rep

We always wnt you to get any promotion you qualify. We'd like to see what's going on. Let's get to the bottom of it. Please send us a Private Note for assistance.*Melissa