$500 Gift card for BYOD is not the deceptive practice I would expect from Verizon
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Verizon is running a promotion where you can sign up with a new service with them and get a verizon gift card $500 for each phone you transfer over to an unlimited plan and $100 for each watch you transfer. I called and went through the process over the phone and signed up with a new service for 3 phones and 2 watches. I was told several times by two different representatives that I would be getting $1700 in gift cards. I was told that the promotion was very popular and it would take 6-8 weeks for me to receive my gift cards. After 8 weeks I called Verizon to check the status of the gift cards and I was told that I had 30 days to apply for them and because I did not, they had expired. When I complained, they said that they would send the case to the dispute department and again because they were very busy with these complaints, I would hear back from them in 5-8 days. After 8 days I called Verizon again and they said that the dispute has been rejected. I never received any notifications from them. Although they send me numerous emails and texts every day to try to sell me something. I had no recourse. I was told my the representative that I called that I had met all of the requirements, but since I did not file the rebate in 30 days, I did not qualify. I was never told I had to APPLY for the gift card, I would receive it in 6-8 weeks. If you go to their web site right now, they say there are 3 easy steps to get the gift card 1. Bring a device, 2. Sign up for an unlimited service and 3. Active that device on verizon. Then if you look at the details it says this:

$500 via Verizon e-gift card (sent w/in 8 wks). Activation of 4G LTE/5G phone on One Unlimited for iPhone (all lines on account req'd on plan), 5G Do More, 5G Play More or 5G Get More plans req'd. Device must remain active for 45 days. $500 charge back if service cancelled w/in 12 mos or eligibility req's are no longer met. See vzw.com/bring-your-own-device for details.

There is nothing there saying that you have to apply for the gift card to get it, it just says it will be sent within 8 weeks. I think that this is a shady practice by a major corporation. There are MANY complaints about it on the internet and they should not be allowed to do business like this.

Re: $500 Gift card for BYOD is not the deceptive practice I would expect from Verizon
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