Activate old smart phone temporarily with new sim card


I'm having trouble to activate a older Nokia 2 V smartphone on my VZ account just temporarily.. My main current phone with my number has been misplaced or lost over the previous weekend so I've been a couple days without a phone.. and I also had all my passwords wrote down in my Samsung Galaxy s9 which is my main phone the past almost two years I've recently lost but haven't reported it cuz I have faith in hoping to find it... But for the mean time I just want to temporarily add the Nokia on my account until either j find the s9 or can afford a insurance claim... So starting off I have to check the IMEI number out on my temp. Phone I'm trying to add but (I bought from yard sale but I'm almost certain it's clean and works and when I type the IMEI in then it  wants to send me a code...  Well the number and only option it gives is the number to the phone I lost and can't find to receive the code and move on to the next step so I can activate the phone and then I also went to Walmart and bought a Verizon bring your own device resin card and tried activating that And it won't let me and i forgot like I already mentioned I don't know my password to google as if right now I thought all of this would be a simple minor fix for now and I could have a usable  working phone but I can't get the new sim to work or switch from my lost s9 phone that I'm not finished paying off and I need to switch the Nokia to my number and get it working asap please to anyone who has been thru or can help me it's been very frustrating so please any and all help would greatly be appreciated thank you!

Thank in advance!