BEWARE: Terrible Experience Switching to Verizon
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I recently switched from AT&T to Verizon and it has been nothing close to convenient or easy. It was really easy paying for my devices outright for 2 out of 3 lines as companies are always ready to take money, however I brought my own Iphone X from AT&T for 3 Lines of 2 phones and a global modem. Everything works except for the phone I brought with the number I ported. Evedytbing went through but it looks like Verizon completely deleted the 3rd line from my order that I have confirmed on original receipt. I have spent more than 6hours in the last 24 trying to get someone to answer or help fix through chat for absolutely nothing. This afternoon i sat on hold for 90 minutes and was passed to 3 different reps before the 3rd put me on hold and hung up on me. Then I requested an automatic call back from customer service. When I got it, the system hung up on me after I put my PIN in and then called me back a second later FIVE TIMES IN A ROW. This is costing me money at this point as the number that I ported was the number that all of my clients have. In my market if I don't answer or call back, my business is going somewhere else. Stop using covid as an excuse for mediocrity at this point its just absurd. I provide exemplary service to my clients regardless of what we are going through as a nation. Companies need to stop being cheap and shell out money to bring on seasonal CSR employees to help or something. I just don't get it.

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"Companies need to stop being cheap and shell out money to bring on seasonal CSR employees to help or something. I just don't get it."



You think they don't? Lots of money is invested into training new agents all the time. The problem is you'll be lucky to have 5 people stay after a 20+ class when training is over. Even luckier if more than 2 stay after the first year.

Do you think anyone actually wants to do a job like this long term with back to back calls of people blaming you for everything under the sun? A job where your livelihood depends on bonuses where a caller mad at the hold times, something an agent has zero control over, can make sure they don't get with a bad survey. It's not even Covid. When you underpay people, you get what you put in. Turn over is high because the amount of stress to pay is disproportional. 

Re: BEWATerrible Experience Switching to Verizon
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NCN93, we are here for you to help provide the help needed with the recent experience that took place. So we may discuss this further, please send us a Private Note. JoseL_VZW