BYOD $500 Rebate Issue
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Hi, so I brought over two devices from AT&T to take advantage of the $500 BYOD promotion. I received an email stating one of the lines was not eligible. When I contacted Support through chat, he advised me that I was, in fact, eligible and that he was putting in a ticket for it. I contacted Support to check on the status today and was told that I was not eligible because the device I brought over was not on the line 45 days before I upgraded it.

The problem I have is that particular device was giving issues, so upgrading was the best option. I still have the old device, and of course, my line is still active. What is going on with the discount? The fine print says the LINE must be active for 45 days. It does not specify that both the device AND the line must both be active 45 days in order to be eligible for the promotion.

Who can I speak to about this?

Re: BYOD $500 Rebate Issue
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Hello there chadnickk and thank you for reaching out to us. We are glad to hear that you have joined the Verizon Wireless family and we can understand having questions about your rebate. When it comes to the BYOD promotion, the biggest qualification is the device that is being brought from the other carrier. The same IMEI from the eligible device must remain active on the line for 45 consecutive days from the activation date before Verizon issues the Verizon gift card. If the upgrade was completed before then, the promotion from the new line order would then be considered disqualified and removed. If you click this link and select "See the details" under "Get a $500 gift card, it does display the information about the 45 consecutive days being a requirement. We hope this information helps.-Candice