BYOD Gift Card - removed from account
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I signed up with Verizon in July 2021 because of their BYOD $450 gift card promotion. Months later, I had yet to receive my gift card. When I called I was told that the card was associated with a phone number that wasn't even on my account. They resubmitted my gift card, I received it, and used it on a bill.  However, the next month my debit card was charged with my bill instead of the gift card. I have now been on the phone for over an hour where Verizon is telling me that I do not have a gift card and they can only process it if I give them the gift card number. This makes no sense because I have used the card on my account in the month prior. If Verizon does not reinstate my card I will leave the carrier. I do not recommend Verizon at all after this experience. 

Re: BYOD Gift Card - removed from account
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We want to make sure you have everything you need to make that payment. I know that's a big deal. I want to make sure we're on the same page. With card payments you can save the payment method for ongoing payments, but that's not an option with gift cards. Gift cards only have a limited balance so you can only make one time payments with them and we don't save the card number. Past payments only show us minor details for privacy reasons so just knowing a past payment was made with the card doesn't give us the card number to use again. If you want to make a payment with the card balance for several months in a row, then for those months you'd need to go in, enter the card information, and submit that each month until the card is used up, like you did the first month. Do you still have the card information? How did you receive it originally?