BYOD Gift Cards not Received
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We transferred 5 lines to Verizon in January 2023 with the promotion that if you brought your own phone, you would get $200 per line in  gift cards. (Welcome Unlimited?) We have not received any gift cards. I talked to a Verizon representative who now is saying  that our plan is ineligible for this! We had 4 separate conversations with Verizon in January regarding this and not one  representative said our plan did not qualify - I have each representative's name. This feels like a bait and switch. Extremely frustrated as we wouldn't have moved our phones from prior carrier if it were not for this promotion.

Re: BYOD Gift Cards not Received
Customer Service Rep

Hello, thank you so much for addressing this issue to us, I would be more than happy to look into this issue with the promotion, please help me by sending us a private message, so I can further assist you.