BYOD Promo chargeback after number porting
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Hello, I  tried to solve this issue with Customer support for a couple of days without any success. It seems the number porting after the initial purchase somehow affects the line status and disqualifies the BYOD promo.  Of course, it's a technical issue and it is against the BYOD terms since the service continues and the line is active on the same plan. Customer support keeps telling me that I can use the BYOD gift card to pay the bill, which doesn't sense since I need to get this incorrect chargeback removed.  The rebate center can't help either, since they don't have access to billing. How to escalate this issue further and get a resolution?

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Re: BYOD Promo chargeback after number porting
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Stan80, sorry to hear you've had trouble with the BYOD promo. We know the chargeback is never fun to see, and we certainly want to help. We have gone ahead and sent a private message to further assist.