Seems I am not the only one this happened to and its very upsetting, hoping I can get Verizon to fix this.  On 1/21/21 I contacted Verizon about the switch and bring your own device promos.   I was told it was $ 450.00 per device.  I asked them to clarify and the agent said it was 450 per device to switch from any carrier and that its provided as an e-Gift card. So obviously I moved the 4 of us from our previous carrier to Verizon.  I asked how I would receive the the e-Gift cards and was told that they would be emailed to me.   A few weeks go by and nothing arrives.  Contact them on Chat and they tell me that I didn't qualify for any rebate.  Uhh wait a minute I was promised 450 per device to move and now that I moved your saying I get nothing?  That's right!  But I even have a copy of the chat transcript. This is not right let me talk to a manager.  Sorry managers aren't available via Chat, you have to call a special number.  Ahghhhhhhh  

So I call and wait on perma-hold several days and I get nowhere.  Today I get through to a manager and am am told that I qualify for 200 per line not the 450.  I push back and offer up the chat transcript as proof and even ask him to pull his copy to check it out.   He was very nice but told me that it really doesn't matter what the Verizon rep told me, it only matters if the rebate is truly available.  This really terrible but I guess 200 per phone is better than 0, still really shady though.    After I get off the phone I trip over this site and see its been happening allot with Verizon.  This is clearly a shady sales tactic being used to get people to switch and then telling them no sorry you get nothing or you get less.   

This is not a mistake, its a scam that clearly has been going on for years based upon all the complaints I am seeing

I hope to hear from Verizon on resolving this issue without having to call the Inspector General on this. They also need to stop this dishonest tactic to bring in new business.  Not what you would expect from Verizon