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Don't buy into the BYOD Rebate joke. I submitted 5 rebates for joining Verizon and bringing 5 devices. The rebate status shows all of them as Valid and delivered. I have received nothing in my email. When I call I am told they will be reissued and wait 24 hours; still nothing comes. Upon researching this forum I can see this is a widespread issue and looks to be a complete joke by Verizon to get people to change to their network. What a joke. I have also been given a number for the rebate center supposedly but nobody answers it 800-457-0864; @v

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Re: BYOD REbate false
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That's a lot of money to be waiting on. I wouldn't be okay with that either. I can assure you that if you have been approved as valid to get the rebate we'll make sure you get it. If we weren't going to send it for some reason it would be marked invalid. If you check the status at!/check-my-status , does it show the correct email address? Have you been able to check any junk or spam folders you might have to make sure the emails didn't get caught there?