BYOD Rebate Fraud



So I got the dreaded email today stating that my two submissions for $250 under the BYOPHONE250 promo was denied due to "Our records show that your purchase was not from a participating location." This was all done in the Verizon store and no where on the promo site does it say online only. What gives Verizon? looking around here on the community it seems like you play games with rebates. This is a poor way to build brand loyalty. Its crazy because you have exceptional cell service but if this is true about your rebates, your customer service is the worst... Im hopeful this was a mistake and Verizon will honor the rebate as advertised....

Re: BYOD Rebate Fraud
Customer Service Rep

Rayyray, per the promotion customers who activate a new line of service on or through telesales can receive a $250 Prepaid Mastercard and waived activation fee when porting in from any wireless carrier with their own BYOD eligible 4G/5G smartphone.


We regret to inform that this $250 Gift Card promotion is online and telesales customers only. When the promotion was still live either "see the details" would have provided more information on this or the fact that "online only" is listed.