BYOD Rebate Issues

Hello VZW Support,

I am having a similar issue as was described by several of the posters here, and I have not obtained resolution in a reasonable time frame. I have 3 BYOD phones that are eligible for the $250 BYOD rebate, I have the proper documentation showing I registered for this plan on-line, and met all other conditions. The rebate request was made January 3rd, I recently received ineligibility notice due to a "non-participating store". However, it was an on-line sale so it was indeed eligible, it even said so on my original order. A rebate support person agreed with me in a recent phone call. However, the only remedy was a re-submission, and I've still not heard back. One observation I have is that Verizon does not give the rebate support team proper authority to solve customer issues. Please PM me and resolve this issue ASAP, the mechanism you have in place is not working properly and you are currently not fulfilling your advertised terms of a sale made nearly 2 months ago. Thank you.

Re: BYOD Rebate Issues
Customer Service Rep

Hello Longview. I see we responded to your private message yesterday. Did you receive that message? Have you reached out to the rebate team? JoeL_VZW