BYOD Rebate Runaround
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This is absolutely ridiculous. We switched to Verizon from TMobile and I kept my phone for the $250 BYOD rebate. Lo and behold, I received an email that it was invalid. I sent a message to the rebate center to ask for clarification, because I followed all the requirements (porting in your number, bringing your own device, registering for rebate within 30 days, etc.) and yet they say they can’t validate my rebate? Then a few nights ago,  I got an “Oops!” Email saying they were validating my rebate. 

Fast forward 6 hours from the “Oops!” email, a rebate center rep responded saying, again, it was invalid and asked a list of questions, to which I responded and it clearly showed I was eligible, based on my answers. Then the rep tells me today “Thanks for your answers, however I escalated this to the review team. Please wait 30 days for a response.” Why!? Why is that necessary?! I’ve made it clear that I met all the criteria for the rebate. 

I see a lot of people in this forum are getting the same exact runaround, and it’s like obviously a bait and switch scam. I wouldn’t have switched from T-mobile if I’d known they’d straight up lie to me. I’m considering switching back to T-mobile if this isn’t resolved. They’ve been straightforward and honest from the start. I guess I’ll be willing to sacrifice coverage area for better business practices. 

TL;DR Don’t fall for the BYOD $250 scam. They’ll give you the runaround with a bait and switch and not hold up their end of the deal. 


Re: BYOD Rebate Runaround

I have the same problem. Brought my phone and number from sprint to verizon. Signed up online byod 300 rebate. The rebate finally processed today and it came back invalid stating i had to get an unlimited plan. No where in the original byod offer did i read i had to get an unlimited plan. But the digital center is stating otherwise. I called verizon they said sorry and that was it.