BYOD Rebate Shenanigans
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Switched from AT&T To Verizon, enticed by the BYOD promotion. We qualified, submitted and received 4 gift cards for $500 each, one for each qualifying line of service. The issue I have with Verizon is that I feel as if they are attempting to renege on honoring the full value of my rebate gift cards by spontaneously changing the online order I had placed for a new iPhone.

On 1/11/22, I placed an online order for a new iPhone. Per customer service, I understood that I could redeem up to two gift cards per purchase. I input my gift card numbers and associated PIN's and then paid for the balance of the order with a credit card. Transaction was processed successfully, I received a text alert of the amount charged to my credit card, and I received my order confirmation. Later that day, I received a fraud alert triggered by Verizon attempting to process a second charge for a different amount. Per my bank, Verizon refunded the first amount charged earlier in the day for the order I had placed online, and then tried to charge a different amount thereby triggering the fraud alert.

Verizon then sent an email containing a link to update my payment method as their second, unauthorized by me charge was declined by my bank as it was suspected to be fraudulent. However, when I followed the link, the amount Verizon wished to charge to my credit card was for the full retail price of the phone. Somehow the gift card amounts were removed??!!

I then waited for 90mins to get through to customer service, only to be told that the new order amount that did not count the two gift cards was the only amount she could see on my order. So we then decided canceling the order was best and that I could be put in touch with the rebate team who could restore the balance of my gift cards so that I could try to place an order again.

After another 30" on hold, I spoke with Juan on the rebate team. Wow. He sounded very disinterested and annoyed and not at all in a mood to help. So I explained the situation and hoped that he would indeed follow through and restore the original $500 to each of the gift cards used on the now canceled order. Sadly, but I guess now I'm not very surprised, all Juan did was re-send the emails that contained my gift card numbers and PIN's without restoring the values of the gift cards. The balance of both cards remain at $0.

Starting to wonder if this is a creative way for Verizon not to honor the rebate gift cards? I mean, who tampered with my original online order to begin with, changing the order amounts and not even informing me??