BYOD Rebate - no notification and deadline passed
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I recently brought my iPhone 13 over to Verizon Wireless to get the $500 BYOD rebate promo.  It said to just wait 45 days for the rebate so that's what I did. Now to find out that the onus was on me to go to some rebate site and enter a promo code. But now the time to submit that code has expired, and Verizon is telling me I won't get this rebate. I've called multiple times and I get hung up on with no return call. They told me they had to escalate and submit some form, and I have waited 2 weeks.  Now I call in, and I am told no and that "they are working something out". I am an honest consumer who simply wants the deal I was promised (and the reason I switched). Not some bait and switch!

This is extremely frustrating given the constant messages I get for various offers and promos, but I never got a single email or correspondence about this rebate.  Every time I log into the app or website I see these BYOD and other promos. How about honoring this deal?!

Can someone on here can actually help me? Everything I read is that no one gets helped.  Just a little empathy and a "No".

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Re: BYOD Rebate - no notification and deadline passed
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odinjmu, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Making sure you are able to receive a qualifying promotion is important. Allow us the opportunity to review the details. Can you please send us a Private Message for review?